Injection mold inspection project

2019-09-23 18:18
    The inspection of injection molds is very important, and the 20 points below are expected to help you.
    1. The cooling inlet should be installed on the opposite side of the operator.
    2. When the cooling nozzle is under the mold, the protective feet should be used.
    3. The nozzle cannot be placed on the position of the mold wrench.
    4. The inlet of the nozzle should be machined 1/4, 1/8 pipe thread
    5. The sealing position of the sealing ring is to be stopped.
    6. There must be no residual chips at the inlet of the nozzle.
    7. Use the water test to confirm if there is water leakage.
    8. Use the blown high pressure gas test to confirm whether the waterway is unobstructed.
    9. Use locking blocks on the three-plate mold to ensure safety.
    10. Install an anti-rotation device on the sprue bushing.
    11. When using the Z-shaped pull rod, ensure that the Z opening is facing down.
    12. The length of the cold section of the runner is twice the diameter of the runner.
    13. Engraving the name of the forming material on the runner.
    14. When there are more than 2 drawbars, anti-rotation devices should be installed.
    15. Slide rails should be made separately.
    16. Determine the position of the slider stroke and use the limit bolt with the ball plug.
    17. Limit bolts can be used with hexagon socket bolts to prevent slack.
    18. Use a multimeter to confirm ON and OFF of the limit switch.
    19. The positioning circle should be processed according to the requirements of the gold type book.
    20. The R at the entrance of the sprue bushing shall be processed in accordance with the requirements of the gold type book.

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